A customer’s story

Manual lymphatic drainage

Barbora is één van mijn eerste lieve cliënten die een Manuele Lymfedrainage (MLD) boekte. Hieronder haar story waarom ze voor MLD heeft gekozen en wat het voor haar heeft gedaan.

Thank you Barbora
for sharing your story.

“I always love to have a massage just to relax. But I noticed my body needed more.

My metabolism is slow and I have had many problems connected to that. According to some of the articles I read, lymphatic drainage massage can help the metabolism to get better again. So I thought let’s have it a try.

I booked an appointment at Germaine and after a few treatments I can definitely tell the changes. I feel better, much fitter and it is as if my body wants to clean itself more. Therefore I also drink more water, eat healthier and do more excercising. This is also the advise I got from Germaine.

After the lymphatic drainage massage (the day after) I always feel a little bit light headed and more sensitive as I feel that the body starts to work.
The biggest change is with my belly. I have had problems with digestion and irritated belly for a long time and since having lymphatic drainage massages, it changed a lot. It is calmer, much less irritated and works much better.

What I also feel is that my body is more relaxed in general and more in peace as a whole. I believe it is important to have the lymphatic drainage massage regularly. I have it every 4-6 weeks and I can say for me this is a good timeframe.
After all, every person is unique and there might be specific needs for everyone. But there is no doubt that you will gain more health benefits from the lymphatic drainage massage.”

MLD is een mooie en een effectieve behandeling voor verschillende klachten. Denk aan: stress/burn-out klachten, darm-/borstgezondheid, lipoedeem, detox, hormonale disbalans, slapeloosheid etc.